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babylon panic: japan/ by black dog bone

the music coming from babylon panic is really a different sound from other Japanese bands I have heard. are there lot of bands similar to what you doing in Japan?

I`d be happy if there is a band like us in Japan but unfortunately I haven’t found one.

how would you describe the sound that babylon panic create?

A sound that creates a panic. A sound that will wake you up.

what part of Japan are you from?

Tokyo, Shibuya.

it seems like there is a lot of music going on in japan. like what type of audience do you get.

Very diverse just like the city of Tokyo.

how is the music scene now.

I feel like the 90s Alternative music scene and culture is starting to gain popularity again.

when did babylon panic come to gather as a group.

At a very tough time for Japan. 2011, March 11th. When the big tsunami waves hit Japan.

who was originally in the group? what are there names.

Our members haven’t changed. Vo.Leo, Gt. Ryota, Ba. Tori, Dr. Nanao.

where did you get that name. was it from the lee scrach perry song panic in babylon?

Not from Lee “Scratch” Perry. Our guitarist Ryota came up with the name after he got released from jail. The name fitted the band and we just stuck with it.

what were some of the band members of babylon panic listen to.

Various blues music, 90`s Hip-hop, Miles Davis, The Wailers and Adrian Sherwood (Our drummer is good friends and made music together)

What is the most important moment in babylon panic?

At our first recording session we got in a big fight. We all thought about leaving the band. However, when we performed live on that day we never thought of leaving the band ever again.

do you have a lot of song. have you recorded a lot of songs. are they available?

We only have demos at the moment. Eventually we want to release LP`s.

I see you have a lot of videos on youtube. so you do a lot of shows have you ever toured America?

All of our members toured in the states but not with our current band Babylon Panic. We would love to!

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