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ellaine veghrocky: by black dog bone

ellaine veghrocky: singapore/ interview by black dog bone

why did you choose to take photos?

I choose it because I was born to be a photographer and I'm so in love to take photo everywhere as a noir version. I love vintage because it has something’s message that I can express through black and white photography and videography. I love collecting vintage stuff like classic movie with effects of black and white, not because it's sad effect, this is the first effect that they used to in old time. Not all black and white photos are sad, by the way.

how did you get into Photography?

Well, it's a long story, I've been got this through by self - learning in photography and I just research how to use a camera properly. I started to use a camera when I was 3rd grade, my parents brought me a camera to learn how to take a photo, they know that I have potential in Photography.

what is the most fun thing you like do?

The most fun thing I like do is to spending time with my family, friends and my love ones like traveling in anywhere they want to enjoy their trip including with me, of course. And I always love to capture the moment in anywhere we go because that's my passion.

are there any photographer that you were influenced by?

Yes, it is! I were influenced by Ansel Adams, arguably the most famous black and white photographer of all time, he is my first favorite photographer that I've been inspiring of, because I can taste his photos especially his famous photo in year 1940s which is "The Tetons and The Snake River", the quality of his photo makes me feel fresh in my eyes. And Tony Mott, the rock n roll photographer, I have his book that I always love to read, he's my second favorite photographer. Not because I always focusing on black and white photography, sometimes, I focusing on colorful photography when I want to taste the light. About my second favorite photographer, Mr. Mott, he's the tough guy who I wanted to meet because his photos are meaningful from music bands. I always wanted to go to the concerts to capture their amazing moments.

what is your saddest and happiest experience in your life?

It's not easy to describe about my life, let's get real, I've been suffering from depression and traumatic experience like surrounding with troublemakers. Why I'm sad? Because I am but I already done with that. But I keep myself fighting for it so I used my passion in photography to make it feel better and makes me happy to forget those terrible moments that I've been through from my past. When it's done, it's definitely over to remember but why I need to remember? Instead I want to be happy as long as I'm enjoying my passion. That's why I said " Life is Art " because everything we did, it had something to express.

your photographs has a dark, melancholy feel. you also talk about darkness a lot.

Darkness is my favorite name. there's an evil creatures are already inside me and I embraced them into darkness. I am a person who love entering the endless nightmare dreams like being in a dark forest. the reason why I mention it, because I used my imagination as darkness and gothic to face my fear. I love supernatural even I can't see them but I can feel them. I am huge fan of horror, by the way.

Sometimes I use darkness, because I want to show them that we're not alone.

I know some people don't believe in ghost, but they will realize that they're not alone, too. Sounds crazy to talk about Supernatural but I'm really interested of that.

I am fan of Edgar Allan Poe, Quentin Tarantino, Stephen King, Rob Zombie, Guilermo del Toro and Clive Baker, those people are my favorite people who faces the darkness.

There's nothing wrong for embracing the darkness, it depends for people, atleast they can.

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