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Murder Master: Prezident Bejda

Murder Master: Prezident Bejda

Interview with Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show /

how did you get the idea to do the murder master show?

I originally got the idea back in 2004, back then it was a pre-recorded show, pretty much what you would call A podcast today. I got the idea to preview music of CDs I was reviewing and play interview snippets of artists I interviewed to promote Murder Dog. I quit around 2008 because it wasn't going no where, and in early 2012 started it back up again, but this time it was live. We started to get attention so I kept it going and in April of 2017 we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary since returning. like on the murder master show do you only feature the artist that started all this. or do you also feature new up and coming artist. like the new underground artist.

Our main thing is the legends and pioneers but we also feature many underground artists. We've had cats like the Tennessee Butchers, also Seed of 6ix which consists of Lord Infamous's Son and DJ Paul's Nephew, Snake Lucci out of Omaha, Rellik and BKB are some Horrorcore cats out of Ohio working with Mastamind, Nip, and others, plus A1-Yo out of Texas, and many others. We definitely stay in tune with the dope talent on the underground level. how do people listen to the interview that you do on the murder master show?

They can listen to all shows at the UGS4LIFE website at, there is a live stream tab where they can listen, plus all the shows are archived there so they can download them.

who are some of the artist that you have had in your murder master show?

There have been so many. We have had DJ Yella of NWA, DJ Ready Red, Spice-1, Chuck-D, DMC, C-Bo, Willie-D, Dead Prez, 2 Live Crew, Bone, Three 6 Mafia, Professor Griff, WC, Yukmouth, Brotha Lynch, Esham, JT Money, Ganxsta NIP, and many others. do you have a lot of interviews coming up.

Tell me about your Co-Host Mac Jay?

Mac Jay is pretty much to the Murder Master Music Show what I was to Murder Dog. He called in on episode 2, after about 150 episodes I made him a Co-Host. I liked his passion for the music, his questions and how he interacts with the guests. Our atmosphere on the show has a vibe to where the guest feel at home, Mac is part of that, real humble individual. Here we are almost at episode 300 and he is still here. Glad to be able to share this with someone who appreciates the music as much as I do. I couldn't ask for a better co-host! how do they get on the murder master radio show. how do they get in touch with you?

The best way would be to hit the email and visit the site that is pretty much the nucleus for everything. you were one of the murder dog magazine editors. how did you start working for murder dog.

First it was a huge honor to be the Mid-West Editor of in my eyes the best hiphop magazine of all times. I started working there when I would call the offices and bug the living shit out of Mary who handled advertising. She eventually put me on the line with Black Dog, and from there the rest is history.

how old were you when you started doing interviews for Murder Dog?

I was still pretty much a kid, I was about 16 when I started to read the magazine and around 18 or 19 when I started to write for Murder Dog. how was it working for murder dog. was it fun.

Working for Murder Dog was dope because we were turning people onto new music, we were making stars out of people from the underground. I was reviewing CDs of people I grew up listening to as well as discovering many other artists whom I still listen to today. It was a great experience on all levels.

did you get to interview many rappers.

Tons! I got to interview alot of artists at Murder Dog. From all coasts, many regions, states, there were alot of them.

who were some interview that you did that you think were real hot.

Out of the rappers I would say Ice-T, Bushwick Bill, Bun-D, Three 6 Mafia, but one of my favorites was interviewing the actor Danny Trejo, his story is amazing. He was a heroin addicted criminal who went from being locked up in every major California prison to being one of the biggest stars in movies. That was awesome!

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