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Oyella Snowdrop Uella/ by black dog bone

Oyella Snowdrop Uella: Uganda/ interview by black dog bone

from what I I have seen your a very unusual model. your photos look different from other models photos I have seen. like the clothes you wear and everything your photos have real raw, natural feel. it has this real third world, African feel. how did that come about.

Im really still new to the modeling world, but I really wants to venture more in that world, so am simple and love to wear what's simple and comfortable with my body and thanks to the photographer who understands me well and tries to do his work to the best. by the way am a lady of few words if you don't mind.

Do you use the same photographer or are they different photographers?

I actually use the same photographer who I happened to meet in the neighborhood I live in. I guess it was fate.

From what I heard from you. you live in Kampala Uganda, but you from some where else.

Im am Ugandan, from the north in a district called Gulu, Im proud Acholi by tribe.

4. Where did you grow up? have you been in Kampala for along time?

I actually grew up from a village of Katabi in Entebbe, that the central part of Uganda. never gone past the boundaries of Uganda yet.

Do you also act in films. do you do videos for like other artist?

not really, but if the chance came by, why not.

How do people get in touch with you?

they can find me on facebook as Oyella Snowdrop Uella, thou that isn't my real name (just a stage name lol) my email oyellahello94@gmail and instagram as skyline

How has it been for you as a model living in Uganda. do you get a lot of modeling jobs?

Jobs huh! No, it hasn't been easy in the Ugandan modeling industry. In my case am still new in the modeling world, trying as hard to cope with it.

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