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Pakkiyarajah Pushpakanthan: sri lanka/ by black dog bone

Pakkiyarajah Pushpakanthan: sri lanka/ by black dog bone

Do you see an improvement or deterioration in modern art?

Yes it had improvement, but modern Art was the foundation for the Contemporary art movement, which is happening nowadays. I don’t think that my work is Modern art, my work try to I identify my art as Contemporary art.

Do you believe that all forms of art can help man to be better?

yes, Art has many faces, they can be in any form(Music, Painting and etc), they are the same when they help man to be better.

Can you tell us something about your school life. How did you spend it?

when I was in grade one my teachers found I had Art talent and they encourage me, and I always draw. usually I don’t talk too much or play with friends, when I was in school. I just create my own world. throw the Art with imaginations and enjoy! have you had many exhibitions. Why did you choose to be an artist?

I had many group exhibitions nationally and internationally, with senior Arts, just now did my first Solo show 'Inequality.'

I want to do Art as a healing tool. to heal me and my society!

Who was the teacher who first taught you art?

My elder brother! when I was a child that’s before pre school, I always watched my elder brother drawing. that inspired me to do Art! and then in higher studies I found a good teacher who was a help to my Art career, that is Dr.T.Shanathanan who is one of Leading Artist of Sri Lanka and who mad me this position!

What is the most important moment in your career as an artist?

one day Dr.T.Shanathanan who is my teacher encourage me as well. he said, you already have your own style!

What kind of medium do you prefer to use in your art? Is it oils or watercolor?

my Art practice in Oil, Acrylic, mixed media, digital, video and etc. the story what i going to do, will depend on materials . as far as your art where do you fit in? or do you fit in at all. are you like in a world of your own.

first I fit in my soul, Im in world of my own.

when you paint do you have like a series of like 10 to 12 paintings that are similar, that’s in the same style, and then move to something else.

I work in the same style little bit, and then move to something else. the more we explore the hard truths, the more we will be able to open the wounds. Without first opening these wounds, we cannot treat them, we cannot heal them.

Are their any artists that you respect?

yes, Dr.T.Shanathanan, Muhanned Cader, Pradeep Thalawatta, Kingsley Gunatilake, Chandraguptha thenuwara, Proff. Jegath Weerasinha.

What is your saddest and happiest experience in your life?

saddest ; when my father got killed by a unknown gun group in 1993. I was only 4 years old.

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