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3 headed dragon/ by black dog bone

3 headed dragon/ Interview with V-Town / Young Robbery / Redeyez

3 headed dragon/ Interview with V-Town / Young Robbery / Redeyez

how would you describe the sound of 3 headed dragon?

V-Town) futuristic barbarian hybrid slap

Redeyez)we keepin it real gutter , but touchin on alot of different sounds musically , definitely somethin 4 everybody on this thang

Young Robbery) Unique we in our own lane with this one, it's a mainey sound but blends real well. reality rap at it's finest with a twist of darkness and of course we keeping it mob.

when did 3 headed dragon come to gather as a group?

V-Town) its not a group it more of a collaboration between 3 dlk enterprise artist V-Town Young Robbery & Redeyez

Young Robbery) in 2015. i had released two solos before this whole idea came together one titled "ear to the streets" a street album, then i dropped hood story my debut solo album, i dropped hood story late summer of 2014, after that i was thinking about doing a hood story 2. but decided to do that a later time so i was just creating music trying to plot my next project just being creative. i was working a'lot in the dlk studio with v-town engineering me, so we did a few collabs being in there vibing and what not. we came up with a idea to do a collab album or a ep. we didn't come up with a tittle just kept working. at the same time red eyez, was in and out the same studio of course, and him and v -town started to put a project together as well. i would run into red eyez with our studio stime over lapping and would end up chilling during his session, smoking vibing, making new slaps came up wit a few nice ones at the dlk head quarters vibing out. redeyez and v-town started showing me a couple songs they started we played him a couple songs we started, and that's where the magic formed, v-town and red eyez was aiming to put out a duet album called 2 headed dragon, and we all decided to blend what we have and call it 3 headed dragon, picked the best songs from the few we both had, and started creating new ones. that's exactly how it happen

who is in the group? what are there names.

V-Town Young Robbery Redeyez

is this a one time project?

V-Town) there's no telling what the future can bring but most likely no there should be more we are always working together so when your around like that. music happens

Redeyez) NEVER we finna keep cookin up DOPE so stay tuned in ....

Young Robbery) hopefully not, i like the vibe we got going. i'm all in on my end, if that balls in my court i say there's many more to come. but at the same time we are all solo artist so you can expect solo music from all of us regardless the outcome. i really like the vibe we got going with the 3headed it's a nice blend of styles.

who made all the beats?

V-Town) different producer

Redeyez) Beats came from all over , we tapped in wit sum real slapz on this 1 , real talk...

Young Robbery) who ever had the most slap beats! we was fuckin with every one on this project. expect to hear a little bit of everything on this. we have a real nice beat on this project that stands out a'lot to me, and it's featuring gucci mane produced by rob-e. that's all ima say, you know the rest! ima keep that exclusive. just know that it's fire. shit i feel like the whole album is fire! but we talking production so that one stands out a'lot to me.

at times the lyrics seem political. real angry. a lot of feeling and a lot of emotion. almost a violent sound. a lot of pain and confusion. where does that sound come from?

V-Town)from the heart . personal myself i come from a strong activist background my grandfather who raised me was a man of many ways of making a difference in san francisco during times of supreme oppression and racism and made homes and places for people of all ethnicity to live . and he comes out in my raps sometimes

Redeyez) All we do is spill out dat reality RAP no filters no filler str8 up real life experiences thru the eyez of the streets US....

Young Robbery) it comes from the heart, the angry sound comes from the pain i felt in life, political because us as artist we are the voice of the hood. the voice for the people where we come from, when we say something they listen, so sometimes i say shit i feel they need to hear because on some real shit if some one like me don't lace them on some political shit who will? well someone that they will listen to and put thought into what i'm saying you feel me. and the violent sound you talking about that's just that bay shit, that's how a'lot of the music rooted here from the ones that paved the way, it all had a "violent" sound, it was raps about dope, guns, drugs, and hoes. that street shit we call that sound "mob" here in the bay, that's that thug shit, we talk about the streets and streets can get violent. but this album is not one sided album we came from all angles but kept that bay area sound through out the album the roots of the shit. even tho mob is a huge part of bay culture so is that playa shit, so we got some playa shit something u can bounce too, but at the same time we mobbin, we got some life shit, some with a dark twist, like i said it's a mainey sound. something new! not that watered down bull shit. this is that pure uncut dope.

our choices more than our abilities, show who we really are. is that true?

V-Town) choices are different then your abilities. Abilities Are things you can do And choices are if you choice to use those abilities

redeyez)Most definitely gotta make sure the choices u make don't come back to haunt u so treat everybody & everything accordingly

Young Robbery) of course in most cases i would agree.

is what your doing with 3 headed dragon different from other rap that your doing?

V-Town) all ,my raps have a tendency to sound different in a way

Redeyez) 3 Headed is in a lane of its own , totally different ....

Young Robbery) yes of course. when i make a solo album i first think of a concept then a story line, and i create. this was a group project so it's more Sporadic and Unorthodox. but that's what makes it dope to me! one song might have a uptempo feel something to bounce to. then we will hit you with some dark heavy shit. it's Unpredictable but at the same time you can expect raw uncut aggressive feel. and that's exactly what i would imagine a 3 headed dragon to be vicious and Unpredictable.

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