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DLK: V TOWN/ interview by black dog bone

DLK Enterprise: V -TOWN/ Photos by black dog bone

is the sound coming from DLK different from other rap in the bay area?

yes . the sound we have from so many different artist in are camp is most definitely different . we here at dlk enterprise pick and choose who we won't on or camp not just anybody can hop on and get in . with that being said all are artist work with other bay area artist so you will here familiarity coming from some albums and songs .... (its music good music) not saying other bay area sounds are bad I'm saying its all good music.

my music can skip to a different heart beat then the everyday sound. me (v-town) my sound is most definitely different from my voice , style , to my presentation i do it different then others. i don't like to just be another straw in the hay stack fell me . im the lawn mower chopping the straw up ...

Do you see an improvement or deterioration in hip hop that is going on now?

In mainstream most definitely .but good hip hop lives through out the bad and you don't have to look to far to find it

Do you believe that all forms of music can help people to be better?

yeah just like when on weed. when you listen to music everything is better. music is soulfull almost tribal like if you here a beat it brings you to a almost uforik state of mind. since the beginning of time humans have had music " rhythm " with them.

it seems seams like in the bay are there is a lot of rap happening?

yeah the rap game is thick in the bay so much talent but instead of a group of piranhas that feed together its more like a free for all . every man for its self i think if the bay came together and truly supported one another there would be no limit to the success that could come . there so much money in just the bay that if we did buy from are neighbor and not look out of state for are goods it would be profitable for everyone

when did DLK coming to gather as a group?

dlk the group is different then dlk enterprise . DLK the group (comrades and blood brothers) that's bin 6 deep since the 80s. we started rapping in the 90s but got serous in the turn of the millennium

i started creating beats myself and recording everyone in 2000 so i started to go a lil harder then

who was originally in the group? what are there names?

V-town Dirty j Five Playa A Dave Ice Just Qube Mac Al Jo bear

what does DLK mean?


How was the hip hop movement when you first started? was a lot going on in the Fillmore then?

who was there then?

when i started rapping there was alot going on in the Fillmore. we had artist like keylo, dre dog , rapping for 4 tay , seff tha gaffla , d moe ,huey mc, Daddy marco, and so many others that made an imprint on the rap game and myself.

how is the hip hop scene now?

you know nowadays I'm disappointed in what i hear and see. with these feminit ass men and there week empty soulless garbage ass raps. all these fools trying to imitate that same ass style all the shit sounding the same ..its a fucking nightmare out there . i mean we use to be able to tell what region of the map a muthafucka was from now everyone sound just the same ...Its a rainbow bright era .

what are some up and coming rappers artist that you like?

Tell you the truth i don,t get out to much im always working in the lab with a artist so i dont listen too to much of whats out side- of my lab unless it brought to me.. i slap mostly dlk or close affiliates of the dlk movement so there forth i must say dam near everyone in the camp the dlk enterprise camp that is

Why did you choose to be an rapper?

i didn't choose to be a rapper rapping chose me lol but for real it was the thing that brought me release of stress and i was able to be as creative as i want and make a beautiful horrible thing out of it .

how did you get into music?

i come from a strong musical background and have learned multiple different instruments as a young child

What is the most important moment in DLK?

every moment is important theirs not one more important then another

we are all as 1 and 1 as all. we move mean when working as a team

Are their any hip hop artist that you were influenced by?

dre dog aka andre nickatina brothalynch hung gangsta nip mobb deep mac dre reek daddy scareface its so mAny i cant name them all

What is your saddest and happiest experience in your life?

Man when i lost my grandpa it was bad and when i lost my grandma it was bad .

my happiest moments was when my kids were born !!!

DLK was working on this project with ugh rappers,what happens to it is it ever going to come out?

couple minor set backs but it still gonna drop bombs

does DLK have a lot of cd’s out. where can we find them?

yes !!! we have a large catalog of slaps in stores and online. go to are website at you can find all are products on there .


Are you conscious about the world around you?

yeah but im not into everyone else bullshit ..My concerns are my family ...

What can you say about the hip hop going on now?

watered down and filled with copy cats and homo thugs . im not wit that movement at all. fuck all that no talent as fuck shit.

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