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UTEROZZZAAA: Japan/ by black dog one

UTEROZZZAAA: Japan Osaka/ by black dog one

your songs has this dark sound. real harsh and brutal. lot of feeling, a lot of emotion. almost a desperate sound. its angry in a way. a lot of pain and confusion. where does that dark sound that angry sound come from?

My chagrin and love something, somebody? I cannot see it but I wanna express big energy.

you said what your doing is cyber punk, it has a feeling of techno and grind core too, its cool, how did you come in to it, the UTEROZZZAAA sound.

human mix with machine is cyborg. My sound is a collage. And Cyber punk is played with machines! Thank you very much!!

when I first heard UTEROZZZAAA, I thought it was a whole band. that there was other people but it seems its only you isn't it. did your sound keep changing, like from the first records you did.

I made little changes but not big changes. Thank you. Sometimes audience sing with me. It's OK! There was a Female vocalist ANiTA in UTEROZZZAAA 2005-2008.

do you make all the music with UTEROZZZAAA. do you play any instruments.

Sometime somebody else would remix my tracks. and HONDUB Hiroaki and Silent Heretic produced few tracks for me in 2015.

I use samplers, sometimes, play Synthesizer, metal percussion, guitar and bass to make tracks. I play the sampler and do vocals at show.

the name UTEROZZZAAA, what does it mean.

me: UTEROZZZAAA appear on comic book of Japanese motorcycle gang star "Bukkomino Taku". It's a club of punks. I guess the meaning of UTEROZZZAAA is "do the all".

the music your doing, did it just happen. your songs are real loose and free. really uncontrolled and flowing. its more like what’s going on in nature, like in the jungle or in the forest. its real chaotic and jarring, with many noise coming from trees and different birds and different insects and animal. like when you perform it looks more like a shamans healing ritual. like something that happens in Africa. its not like a typical rock show.

Thank you very much!! I don't wan to do a typical rock show. Your feeling is your freedom. That's great!!

you came with your first record Zigoku No Hero in 2006. I never heard that record, is it still available? does that record sound similar to what your doing now.

No sir. I think that Zigoku No Hero is not different in a big to what Im doing now. the idea of it was fun. but I didn't have the skills I have now when I did that record I didn't know so many things about making songs then.

it seems you have had like 9 records up to now, did they all come on you own label?

1stCD "BEELZEBUB" was released from Fiend's shrine record. Tape of "Rush" was released from lips infection. 7inch vinyl split with "√Megalomaniac/Exit wound" was released from Appliance of Defeatist label.

when did your last record I///US/0/V come .if we want to get a copy where can we find it. also what about all your other CD’s.

Some of local record store or website of them and from me. For example this site is kind :

do you tour a lot. I saw in one of your links that recently UTEROZZZAAA played in LA with BAAL.

Thank you very much!! My touring is not few.

Im out of Japan a lot. in 2013 I was in US with BAAL, 2015 US with 444Capsule, 2016 in Germany and UK, it was only UTEROZZZAAA.

this compilation of japans electro punk, who put it out. do you play a lot with bands like 44 capsule and kokushibyou? are they on your label too.

is there a big cyber punk, electro punk movement in Japan.

Cevin KEy supervised "Japanese ElectroPUnk Brutality"and Metropolis records release it!

I played with 444Capsule so many times. And I must play with Kokushibyou Guillotine when I play in Okinawa.

My home town Osaka has CyberPUnX or breakcore, gabber and industrial drum'n bass not few not large.

did the early punk bands influence you? how about post punk. or even hip hop.

Before staring UTEROZZZAAA, when I was still 23 or 24 years old, I went to gigs. to see Japanese Hardcore punk bands many times.

Yes! I got hint of UTEROZZZAAA from post punk like a Einstürzende Neubauten and Hip Hop!!

who do you listen to now?

Everything. But now..KNZZ?

Oh!Shit!! Many bad finger. He lost beef may be.

did you grow up in Osaka? how was your child hood?

The town I was born is Akashi. its not far from Osaka. When I was child, I was very strange, emotional kid. I don't like him very much. hahah

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