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ELEPHANT NOIZ KASHIMASHI: japan interview by black dog bone

ELEPHANT NOIZ KASHIMASHI: japan interview by black dog bone

from what Im hearing it real amazing. it like noise music, but it also has this feel of film music. it real atmospheric. Thank you. I think so too. I’m making the music for movies or theater arts personally. So I’m glad if these activity affects my band.

its real primitive sound. its almost tribal. Its like tribal music made with electronic sounds. Indeed, It evokes feelings about primitive things rather than rock. I think one of the reason is that we use Didgeridoo and keep drone by this.

when you first started was it different did you sing the same way you sing now. I started composition when I was 22 years old, and then I was already interested in using voice as just sounds. So my basis has not changed since then, however, the range of my expression and sound register has gotten wider. pain and sorrow is essential for my expression, but Im’ not the whole directionality of my band.

your sound is dark. real hard. a lot of feeling. almost a desperate sound. a lot of pain and confusion. where does that dark sound that angry sound come from? It’s interesting. In Japan, there is many musicians who is darker and more serious than us, and we are regarded as pop and humorous band.

In fact we use many visual gadget such as lightning and toys in our live and provide active and entertaining performance. So many of or fan are ordinary music-loving kids rather than noise-music lovers. Indeed, I personally reflect my negative emotion and violence on my playing, however, as I said, Im’s not the whole directionality of my band.

has ELEPHANT NOIZ KASHIMASHI going on for long time. We started in 2012. I joined in 2013. are there a lot of other bands doing similar music to ELEPHANT NOIZ KASHIMASHI. I talked about it with our member. I think Nobody else is doing like us. what other music do all 3 of you listen to.

I’m not sure because I don’t talk about music with our member, but I think our testes are different. However, punk or high-speed and powerful sound may be our common favorite. is it 3 people in ELEPHANT NOIZ KASHIMASHI? what are there names. Recently new guitarist joined and we have 6 members. We often changes formation and feature guests when we perform, so we may be seen to be fluid. members: kataoka fuguri(electronics/effect/toys/gadget/voice etc) kobayashi mooq(synthesizer/electronics/gadget etc) zaiden(bass/voice/laptop etc) okamoto noise hiroba(metal/spring/clarinet/drums etc) komatsu nariaki(didgeridoo)(guitar etc) how did the band come together. what part of japan are you from. Kataoka fuguri, the founder and the chairman of the band is from Kansai (west-side) area, and others are from near the Tokyo. does ELEPHANT NOIZ KASHIMASHI have a lot of cd’s out. where can we find them. We have released some but they are independent production and not so many. You can get in our live or mail‐order. Inquiry:

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