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Junky/ Cao Junjun harsh as fuck/t hat would be a good till for your article. you were in a band called Torturing Nurse’s. was that band you or did you have other people in it. Now only me recording and performing

is Torturing Nurse’s still going on or a do you now go as Junky/ Cao Junjun? TORTURING NURSE is still going on its real cool to me like in china and japan there are many real hard core noise bands. and I love them all I know most about what’s going on in japan more than what’s going on in china, can you tell me a little about the scene in Shanghai/ China? Here too there is a lot of experimental music scene musicians and unit , extreme noise but do not particularly real are there a lot of noise bands happening in china. can you recommend some to us. Sure, let me show their name:Mei Zhiyong、Yu Yiyi、Mafeisan、Orgasm Denial、Hatred In Eyes were you ever like into punk. or post punk. what made you do what your doing and the direction you went with Torturing Nurses. Yes, I like punk attitude more than the music , the beginning of 2004 completely tired of the limitations of traditional rock, Noise freedom attracted me I like that your music is anti-rhythm and anti-melody. its more natural that way. its real loose and free. really uncontrolled and flowing. its more like what’s going on in nature, like in the jungle or in the forest. its real chaotic and jarring, with many noise coming from trees and different birds and different insects and animal. but still there is is some kind of strange rhythm, harmony, melody in it all. that’s the way I see you music too. like when you perform it looks more like a shaman healing ritual that happens in sri lanka or Africa. its not like a typical rock show. Thanks your kind words did you put out a lot of CDs or cassette tapes. if so where can we find them . Many of publication issued by overseas labels , so you can look Torturing Nurse facebook page notice label directly purchase some articles before publication may be found discogs website , or come to your city to perform in the future you can ask me later. and I was also wondering did people videotape your shows do you have any where we can go and watch. You can find some in YouTube. what music did you grow up listening to to? I am big fans of post punk、free improvisation music when i grow and collected a lot of publications are there certain noise band that you really like? In 2000 Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins tour in China , I went to the scene , but also buy a lot of his publication are attracted Japanese progressive rock , then overheard a compilation published in the Hijokaidan and Incapacitants, they are attracted to, just after that time by software soulseek I hear a lot of classic works Japanoise band , very much , they read a lot of text description , unable to extricate themselves trapped. Like 10 years ago, the band still like extreme noise , including some of the new unit is also good , if you want the column list can list a lot:Hanatarash、Masonna、Xome、Cock E.S.P.、Killer Bug、C.C.C.C.、M.S.B.R.、Pain Jerk、Solmania、Randy H.Y. Yau、Government Alpha、Kazuma Kubota、黒電話666、Jah Excretion、ENDON,ect. TORTURING NURSE:

------------------------------------- NURSE interview

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